A Bioenergetics was discovered at the beginning of a contemporary myth and '900, the German physician Wilhelm Reich, a man who will die for this discovery. He was a friend and student of Sigmund Freud, that's why some still refer to the psyche when it comes to Bioenergetics: the origin to study the contents were two psychiatrists. Also discovered orgone energy with which the form of cured every disease, the rest was a doctor and could afford it. Freud noted that the wrongness of the body followed the disease and this treatment gave the name of Bioenergetics. His books were banned throughout the world until the mid-'70s, his writings, notes and machinery, burned and destroyed, in the 30s died at the hands of the U.S. government. Today, less said the better.

From 30's, Dr. Wilhem Reich, father of bioenergetic and student of Freud, realized that the basic cells before to imbalance, is getting sick because they do not move what we call Life Energy or Universal Energy, present in every body, he discovered and named, Orgone.

Always I think that the Universal Energy, the Ki, influence our lives, our diseases, and my natural ability to attract she, give me a good results.

From 2007, I teach and give conferences on Bioenergetic Functional Rieducation, method of treatment to the body, created me and based on the realignment of the meridian whit the digitopressure.


"I want to clarify that it is impossible to give a definition of bioenergetic because it represents, or rather in the concrete the marriage of  body and soul, then not yet understand what the body, let alone what soul we are stuck. As they stop some parts of the body as a result of trauma and mental, that is thought to be physical, such as an accident or any disease.

I think the Bioenergetic functional rieducation, method of therapy to the body created by me, represents the full union because it works on the third phase of the 4 seasons of life are birth, aging disease and death, then the disease generated by the mind.

Originally, there is a vibration of one or more bad cells are traumatized, the brain then creates the contracture, because the pain was too great to bear, with the result that we forget that, but the problem continues, proceed until the error become pathological and ultimately cell death.

During a session you have a functional rieducation intimate dialogue, a deep and clear vision and with the assistance of the error and then the cell undergoes a reset, the brain unlocks the contracture and then realigned with the digestive bio energy, muscle
, skeletal and body. Unless they have already become pathological, otherwise you must needs surgery to remove the cells if we are lucky or the area where the sick are a bit less or even an organ.

Here are ultimately exposed the concept of industrial processes, or "Medicine for the resolution of any future disease," moving from contraction at the centering of self, the realignment of self seeking to clear an error of type traumatic.

DR. Salvatore Leone 25/01/2009


Conference on Rimini il 1° Marzo 2008 on Bioenergetic Functional Rieducation methd of the massage to Salvatore Leone.