The concept of Funtional Re-education is first of all to love ourselves, to accept and love our own body to be able able to experience then the unconditional love for all existing creatures and forms..

Why is it difficult to find the right partner for us? Why after a certain period of time many relationships come to a halt?

Having a happy and loving relationship in our personal life can lead to a balance of the self that can help overcome all the obstacles in our life. It is impossible to follow our path without sharing love - and sharing love is not possible without knowing ourself and ACCEPTING and LOVING ourself..

Meditations, bio-energetics, spirituality.. these are the concepts used during the treatments for singles or couples necessary to explore the hidden unconscious blocks of which existence we tend to ignore although they are strong enough to obstacle us in establishing a relationship or just lead to the end of the one we alredy have..

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