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Litterary National Aword Raymond Carver 2012.
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Massage is synonymous with hearing .
Often the massager is having to say the wor
d end.

...To be a Massage Therapist does not mean to love your body or know every single part. At least not from the beginning and this concept is useful for understanding any talent. It is all written down .
Each of us carries within itself at least a talent that would be worthwhile to get out of that shell , the physical body , perfect and embarrassing at the same time .
I prefer the way of massage . I think the Art of Massage will be a resource of well-being and future happiness . In this way there is no mind to act as a mistress. Everything happens spontaneously as our coming into the world : you do not know who we are nor where we come from , but every day waking up salute with Love the Light to abandon it and find it again the next morning.
What is important is to do something in life. The talent exists and is waiting to be discovered .
It is useful to sweep the road , keep it clean , take it out from oblivion . It is handy , but it escapes our eyes.
Discovered the talent you will have an intimate dialogue with him. The first feeling will be not be able. We will feel inferior to him , but making sure that everything happens he will guide us in the right direction . Day after day, second by second , moment after moment, the road will open before discerning at that point left or right, up or down , forward or backward ...

...This is what happens during a massage . It is not his Energy that is released , but that of those who are guided to the solution of the problem. The Energy operator mixes with the person being treated .
There is an exchange between the two as the fears are left on the other side of the river before leaving :

" The Masseur ferrying people across the river.
Lives on this side of the discomfort.
There is a great unknown : we need to go through the waves .
The fear of stopping in the middle of the river or go back is great .
The Masseur , however, and strong.
He knows your heart and the hearts of men,
knows his arm to steer the boat .
It is calm and serene.
His experience allows him to avoid the dangers of the river.
The other side , that of inner peace , waiting for travelers who ,
after leaving the inconvenience , now seeking the meaning of travel "

This happens to every therapist , shaman or teacher who is as it should be for each discipline.
The Masseur teaches the body to become master of himself. It takes away what no longer works correctly and returns purified . The body receives a "reset."
Massager 's hands are strong , they know what to do because physical contact is vital in the human being : acupressure , manual maneuvers or decontracting performed on the entire body designed to download the nervous tension that cause pain .
The relaxation resulting in the release physical or emotional psychophysical apparatus gives immediate results. The muscles of the face, the body and mind relax failing something for which he had given too much importance .
From birth man is part of the Universe, it is the intimate union impossible to break. There is a cycle that everyone must follow : birth , aging, sickness and death. Breathing, eating , sleeping, no one can escape the course of life. You can not escape from themselves .