The meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine .

The Taoist conception according to which life is the expression of opposing concepts such as good and evil, yin and yang , man and woman , teaches us that cosmic energy is channeled into our body through the meridians. The meridians are energy channels therapeutic recognized and used by Traditional Chinese Medicine . Eastern thought within man recognizes the presence of a vital essence to the origin of all things , of life itself, the qi . This fluid flows through the meridians according to an order from the well- established that the lung meridian up to the liver meridian and then start a new cycle by feeding the various organs. The meridians have various types of functions, as well as allowing the circulation of qi and blood, nourish and warm the tissue , connecting the entire body, so as to maintain organs , skin, limbs, tendons, muscles and bones intact in their structure. The main meridians on which the points are distributed for the application of acupuncture are 12 + 2, du and ren, where the former has the task of governing all the yang meridians , while the second is responsible for all the yin meridians

When the flow of this vital energy is prevented , the disease manifests itself or its transmission is , in fact when the function of the meridians is impaired , the body is vulnerable and pathogens are transmitted inside the body right through the meridians. Are located along the meridians acupuncture points : those to whom it occurs more frequently are more than five hundred . The insertion of a needle into one of these points stimulates the absorption or release of energy of the organ to which it refers , restoring that balance energy and to Oriental medicine is a prerequisite for good health . These meridians are:

1 .
Poumons Meridian (P).

2 . Gros Intestine Meridian (G I) .

3 . Stomach Meridian (E).

4 . Pancreas Spleen Meridian (R P).

5 . Heart Meridian (C).

6 . Small Intestine Meridian (I G).

7 . Bladder Meridian (V).

8 . Kidney Meridian (R).

9 . The Pericardium Meridian (M C).

10 . The Triple Heater Meridian (T R).

11 . The Gall Bladder Meridian (V B).

12 . The Liver Meridian (F).

13 . Ren Mai ( VC) .

14. Du Mai ( VG) .

      DR. Salvatore Leone 11/09/2005