Holistic School Therapy

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"Need to focus with your eyes open to be able to isolate and eliminate all the things you care about, and occupy the brain are not important. We must think only of things that you can find a solution. Leaving the brain free and clean it will lead to clairvoyance. "DASIRA NARADA III

Following an ancient teaching of more than 2 centuries developed and transmitted by a Master DASIRA NARADA, reincarnation to reincarnation, now in its fourth descent Salvatore Leone proposes the technique of Universal Energy for the sole purpose to raise awareness and eliminate suffering and pain in humans.

First I must tell that the founding father of Universal Energy, Dasira Narada was born in SRY Lanka in 1846. He got a degree in philosophy in 1871 and worked for the government. In 1906 he retired in the high and remote mountains of SRY Lanka where he followed a spiritual way of life until his death in 1924. In this period, he passed all his knowledge, including Universal Energy and many other subjects, on the next Narada .

In 1994, I met a man who came from Vietnam, he is said to be Dasira Narada III. I attended his courses and followed his teaching until 2007, the year of his death.

“In 1996 DR. DASIRA NARADA III gives the title of Master in Human Universal Energy to SALVATORE LEONE. In 1998 he appoints him“Instructor”. In 2004 Salvatore Leone prepares his thesis in Complementary Medicines and gets the degree M.D. (T.M.) from the Open University for Complementary Medicines, Sry Lanka. This university  has high sponsorship from O.N.U., U.N.I.C.E.F. and O.M.S and it is unique in the world in Complementary Studies.
In 2005 he gets the title Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D."