It is said that in the depiction of Heaven Nut there is a hidden symbol for the solution of any disease.
Once Geb , brother and husband of Nut was joined to her so it was quite naturally perfect. They conceived four children , Isis and Osiris were respectively the first female and the first male who conceived . When their father Shu separated them formed the space between heaven and earth , Nut becomes the Goddess of the resurrection , the Goddess of Heaven , one who takes care of the passage is that from birth to death so he knows very well what is in the middle , aging and disease , and here we have the
4 season of the life : birth , aging, sickness and death.
The coding of this symbol is to understand that the disease does not exist, it is an energy imbalance generated by the mind , that mind to avoid the reach of death, so a person ages at first , then gets sick prolonging the cycle, but it is not correct .
So that the cycle can continue smoothly Nut and Geb can be reunited with you must accept this truth, then that is the acceptance and respect of self.