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Unique sensory experience desired by Salvatore Leone to customize its sessions Bioenergetic Functional Rieducation, was born in 2013 at the studios Music4spirituals" Bodydharma Compilation Vol 1 ," Music for the Body , words for the Soul , which aims to be a fundamental Audiobook for anyone who wants an hour of sounds and words dedicated during their massage.

Ideal also as a self-massage or for those who want to make healthy meditation
, Salvatore studied 4 steps to perfection wearing a standard seat and from time to time , through his voice , the operator will have the feeling of where he is at that moment, as well as those who underlies able to better perceive the emotions that the seat is transmitting or trauma that you are unlocking .

Salvatore has decided to split into 4 phases a session calling them respectively :
Step 1 :
the listening
Step 2: the massage
Step 3: the vertebrae
Step 4 :
the neck

Entirely made in Italy by the musician
Emilio Calabrese
, Bodydharma Compilation aims to be a reliable guide to recognized and release the tension in the body during a massage session.

For Information: youtube: Terapeuta8

Bonus Track Bodydharma voice Salvatore Leone

Bonus Track Bodydharma english version.