In the Universe all revolve around the four: the four seasons, summer, winter, autumn, spring, the four winds: the Mistral, the sirocco, the south-west and north-east winds, the four cardinal points: north, south, west , east, and so on. This correspondence is because the four represents the Universe, "the third, man, woman and spirit, now need to place, the 4".

Four are the seasons of life: birth, aging, sickness and death understood as a cell death, that every day brings us to regenerate to get rid of old cells, as do snakes who lose the suit, constantly reborn

In this regard I would like to talk about Bioenergetic Functional Rieducation, method of treatment to the body that I created that tends to realign the meridians of the body, but the main objective is to answer the third of the four seasons of life: the disease.

The stress of everyday life tend to make the body ill. A body could live without stress in the laboratory up to 200/300 years. The interaction of the human system generates the disease.

Originally, there is a vibration caused by a bad injury, an emotion, tiredness for example, this vibration I gave the name of "energy cyst", which basically turns into pathology, to which no natural therapy Bioenergetics or can work.
Then you need the intervention of a doctor. The cells are mad and must be eliminated so that does not affect other healthy cells.

Bioenergetics Functional Rieducation means that this Energy is immediately assimilated cyst, which is decoded and removed from the apparatus body's energy, consisting of seven main Chakras, more than 10,000 nadis (energy points of discharge) side, up to 9 Super Thin bodies, and meridians parallel.

Man, the microcosm. In the Mother Earth, the macrocosm.

During the session there is an intimate dialogue with the cells of the body that allows me to understand what is wrong, then or through a regression (the traumatized relives the trauma that causes pain and thrown them away), or through the acupressure, (sweet and spontaneous movements), the tension is conveyed out of the body, so that restores the natural body movement.

"Bioenergetics Functional Rieducation is also developing the awareness of having a physical body and energy system to know, care, love, protect and respect freeing from the stresses of everyday life in a world that has become too small. So it should be for all natural therapies. "

Salvatore Leone