The Bioenergetic Functional Rieducation is a brand-new and innovative technique, which gathers the most important techniques of Alternative Medicine. It has been developed by DR. SALVATORE LEONE M.D. (T.M.), Ph.D, whose studies have always been focusing on the marriage between body and soul and its technical application.

The treatment takes only approximately an hour during which Salvatore applies different techniques, such as pranotherapy, shiatsu, colours of chromotherapy; digital-pressure offering an immediate well-being; counterbalancing of the fasciae of the body, knowlegde of the meridians of the Chinese Traditional Medicine and superfine ducts of the Ayurvedic Medicine, breathing techniques, yoga,
HOT STONE MASSAGE and power from meditation.

When there is a problem, Salvatore applies manual digital-pressure with movements performed on the whole of the body to relax contractures and to unload the strains and stress accumulated due to an energetic imbalance, trauma, or continuous pain at the back or the spine. This way a physical, psychical or emotional release of the Bioenergetic apparatus is stimulated and the person, after the treatment, gains a counterbalancing of the meridians, fasciae and muscles and gets into the state of a general relaxion.

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