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Surya Namaskara, Saluto al Sole, Saludo al Sol, Greeting the Sun, Salutation au Soleil, Begrüßung der Sonne.

The first rule of Sun Salutation are: become the ROOT that she come from practician to practician in a only global brotherhood.

 The Sun are the most important energy transformer and catalyst known, we can ask him anything that he promptly got to donate, just as we can give him anything that he promptly will encompass taking away all evil of him.

In all ways and all the influences that it endured for millennia the Sun Salutation is a practice aimed at developing the awareness of having a body to care, love, respect and cherish just as in the concept of Bioenergetics Functional Rieducation.

Like all disciplines "prime" the Sun Salutation is used to stimulate attention to spirituality and the development thereof. With the help of Salvatore Leone MD (TM), Ph.D., Master of Yoga discover an ancient meditation technique as well as created with the sole purpose of awakening the consciousness and eliminate the
SUFFERING and PAIN in humans.

Everything we do generates energy. The heart is the organ most important generator of vital energy, good for our survival, but the main transmitter to which we refer to all naturally last millennium is the Sun that we forget to thank and greet every day exactly as we salute first of all ourselves and our loved ones or friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. ... later on. And this problem is fading. No longer do you remember him, the Egyptians, but even before the Sumerians and even the Atlanteans founded their civilization on the worship of the sun so why not try it, maybe we can really change the world together, rediscovering the love of neighbor that Then nothing but love towards ourselves.

Open to anyone and no age limit, the skill will consist of teaching a meditation technique to unlock age-old good all joints of the body is often imperfect, and because he lives full of stress or various emotions.

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