The Universal Energy, the Prana is a living and vital force that can be found in everything in the nature, and it is a main element. All living things (animals, plants and micro-organisms) must have Universal Energy to activate their vital functions, the prana acts on a global level, on the level of the general system and on the level of cells.

Since his birth, human people is part of the Universe. This is an intimate and vital union that is impossible to break. There is a cycle that must be followed by everyone: breathing, eating, sleeping, and no one can escape from the course of life: birth, aging, disease and death.

We talk about Universal Energy in this context: Universal Energy is a study for the generations of the XXIth century. The method of Universal Energy unites the development of mental capacities for a spiritual research. This method is important to achieve happiness in the present and to lay the foundations of a harmonious society in the future.

Fate brought us to this teaching is the Heavenly Father and to us this great gift, there is a Karma and through the body's health can help the soul to rise and eliminate karma or part of it.

The Universal Energy is the only thing useful for our body to ensure an existence more serene and happy because it emanates from God.

The course is dedicated to those who profane it wants to bring to the world of Energy. With the first level you will have the opening of 6 of your 7 main Chakras, you will learn a technique of Yoga meditation and a technique for energy transfer, you will get a basic knowledge about the Chakras and their locations.

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